• Styleframes
  • Storyboarding
  • Script & Voice Over
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • 1/4 Animations

Hybrid IT, a compelling in-house concept.

We worked closely with Fujitsu to create this compelling in-house concept – something which visualised complex ideas and made the subject matter easily digestible. Set in an 3D environment that interacts with a series of unique shapes, silhouettes and figures; the end result is abstract in nature, but effectively drives the core narrative of Hybrid IT home with minimal text call-outs.

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Process: Concept development (styleframes), storyboarding, script and voice over.

Pre-production for Hybrid IT was a highly collaborative process, consisting of style frame development which informed the projects look and feel, as well as the storyboard that laid out the main scenes of the animation; as defined by the script. These sketches were then turned into hand drawn digital frames which explored the lighting, mood, and possible camera angles for the final product.


Process: Modelling, lighting and rendering.

All components in the animation were built, rigged and animated from the ground up. The lighting is based on a physical daylight system and utlises additional artificial lights to improve shot clarity. Each scene took between 18 and 25 hours to render, equating to 150+ hours of total render time.


Process: Editing (video & audio), compositing, colour grading.

The scenes are composited together along with various assets. Each section is edited to the voice over and audio was manipulated to suit the film. We overlaid text call outs which were composited in 3D to highlight key information in the script. Finally, we finished the film with a beautiful clean colour grade to help enhance vividness and keep all the scenes in unison.

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