I came across a blog post recently that sparked outrage in our offices! The blog was entitled ‘50 reasons not to date a graphic designer’.

Reason number 1: They are very weird people.

As 80% of our work force is made up of graphic designers, the post (while completely true and pretty hilarious) struck a chord with our team! Calls to girlfriends were frantically being made in an attempt to condemn the apparent ‘nonsense’ this blog post was spouting with lacklustre results. So I’m now setting out to restore confidence and fix some broken hearts. I couldn’t think of 50 reasons to date a graphic designer… but here’s a solid 10:

  1. You will look like a model in your pictures. The clever wizardry of Photoshop.
  2. You will get to hear about all the hip trends in music, art, fashion, culture…
  3. You will become a pro on Apple products. Sorry Samsung.
  4. So what is the difference between iOs and Android? You’ll get to hear all about it.
  5. You’ll learn so much about Steve Jobs you’ll feel as though he was family.
  6. You will be able to dress up as a superhero without feeling like a massive weirdo.
  7. You will receive personalised Birthday/Christmas/Valentines/Anniversary cards.
  8. Your computer desktop will be tidy all the time. (Maybe, depending on deadline)
  9. You will never have to wonder whether your pink top goes with your green jeans ever again.
  10. If you end up marrying your graphic designer date, your wedding invitations will be beautiful!