Ready or not, video has come

Businesses have begun to respond to an outcry in consumer demand for more video content, and are adapting their digital marketing strategies accordingly.

Video marketing is globally in vogue! It’s currently the most effective method of delivering your message, and has become an increasingly crucial component in SEO strategy. Cisco reports by the end of 2022 it will constitute up to 82% of all online traffic.

Engaging and digestible video content is therefore essential to marketing on social media, where users endlessly and subconsciously scroll through their feed – heeding only what grabs their attention visually. The shorter the video the better. The more mesmerising the graphics, the more of a memorable impression you make. Don’t forget about first-class copy!

The use of video marketing continues to generate a remarkable ROI. Research has shown users are more inclined to make a purchase after watching a video featuring the product. It allows the customer to envision the lifestyle they want, and imagine themselves using, owning, wearing, or showing off your unique product. Branding is about selling a vision, and video marketing doesn’t haggle down!

Interactive video has also rather rapidly become a widespread marketing tool, and is already accounting for over a third of all video content being produced. This increasingly popular marketing strategy demonstrates its value daily, as its incorporation generates greater interest and engagement online, and ultimately boosts sales.

How interactive videos will continue to be used depends profoundly on the analytics this solution collects as it develops further. The benefits are twofold as providers can also gain valuable insight into their customer’s preferences through the analysis of the data collected.

Businesses already experiment with content and find out what works and what doesn’t, this solution will only speed up that process.

As ever, production and marketing should be consumer-focused, adapting to shifts in the market and adhering to consumer preferences. Interactive video marketing can achieve this and more, by creating experiences tailored to satisfy your customer’s wants and needs.

As reported by Business Insider, interactive videos flex a 10% higher click rate than linear videos; to the uninitiated this may not sound particularly substantial, but in fact indicates a significant increase given the scale of modern marketing. In effect, interactive video marketing accelerates sales and yields a greater ROI than the traditional video.

Interactive video allows for direct customer engagement and presents a gamified experience, meaning users can participate and actually be part of the story. Consumers are then more self-directed, and involved in the process – reflecting the importance of free choice in a market economy.

This approach to video marketing has various functions which promote choice and increase engagement – such as engagement hotspots, 360° views, different branches and paths users can take, forms to input data, secure checkouts to make purchases, prompts, CTAs, and quizzes.

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