Meet Chris Law; Affari’s most recent Junior Motion Designer, all the way from Stoke! Chris has only been an Affarian for just over two months, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a huge impact, both with his sense of humour and skills in motion design. From being indecisive about near enough everything, to discovering the world of YouTube, get to know Chris on a personal level!

How did you find your way to Affari?

It all began when I discovered YouTube! It set off my creative side and almost instantly, I knew that was the path I wanted to take. I really took a liking towards film and editing to begin with, I used to take the average/dull video and transform it into something interesting that people would enjoy watching!

I attended college to study Interactive Media, where I was introduced to illustration, 3D modelling, cinematography and graphic design, this massively broadened my creative knowledge and passion. After college, the next step was university, I attended Staffordshire University and studied CGI and Digital Effects – which was a great course.

Over this period, I started to do the odd bit of freelancing, where I was really able to push my motion graphics skills. I used to take jobs that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with, but it only helped me in a positive way as I’m now at Affari!

What are the three best things about yourself?

1 – I’m very self-motivated. If I have a goal, I will work towards it no matter what and will never quit.
2 – I’d say I’m quite a thoughtful person. I’m considerate to others and will always be polite enough to listen to other perspectives, even if I don’t agree with it personally.
3 – I always think ahead. I consider the results of my actions beforehand and I think that works in my favour.

What’s one of your best experiences?

I’m a really indecisive person so this might take a while *already 1 hour in to the interview*!…..

Right, one of my best experiences is when I went on holiday to Ibiza last year. It’s one of the best holidays I’ve been on purely because I got to meet new people and experience different things, even the Ibiza air was refreshing! I don’t go abroad too often, so the holiday was very enjoyable. Having said that, I’ll probably change my mind straight after this interview that it was my ‘best’ experience.

What other interests do you have other than Affari?

I take a big interest in keeping fit, in terms of eating healthy and going to the gym.

Other interests cross over with my work, so this includes visual effects, film and gaming!

I’m also really into my cars. I’m no boy racer, but I do see the beauty in cars. Especially, when someone takes a standard car and transforms it into something mean!

Finally, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and science overall. Just anything about it, I always take a huge interest.

What’s your favourite quote and why?

‘There are no speed limits on the road to success’ – this is one of my favourites because it sums up how I think. If you want something, you’ve really got to push for it, as you’re in charge of your own self-development.

What’s #1 on your bucket list?

Number one on my bucket list is to be a millionaire. Because then if I want to do something like travel, there won’t be any financial struggle!

What’s your worst trait?

I can talk for England… I really do waffle on!

What would you choose as your last meal?

Bacon and cheese beef burger with some hand-cooked chips!

If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?

I’d fly so I could skip the traffic, as I have to drive to Nottingham from Stoke everyday and most importantly, to avoid the Skoda from wearing and tearing.