• Styleframes
  • Storyboarding
  • Script & Voice Over
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Animation

Eternus DX, an immersive 3D animation.

After the success of the Eternus AF animation, Fujitsu approached us to create an animation for the Eternus DX flash storage family. We pitched a creative abstract 3D concept which shows how the Eternus DX revolutionises the storage capacities of businesses as it passes through cities. The final result was a massive success producing high levels of engagement and cinematically captured the essence of cutting edge storage.

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Process: Concept development (styleframes), storyboarding, script and voice over.

In the pre-production stages of Eternus DX, we put a lot of focus into expanding on our previous efforts, and refining our collective vision. Referencing the script, we developed the visual concept through styleframes and hand drawn digital frames, culminating in a project that exceeded all of our expectations.


Process: Modelling, cameras, lighting and rendering.

After sign off on the styleframes and storyboard, we began by creating the 3D assets and models for the animation. We added cinematic direction by using super wide angle lenses on our cameras ranging between 25mm-50mm. Once the animatic had been produced we continued to finesse the art direction by paying close attention to textures and lighting design.


Process: Editing (video & audio), compositing, colour grading.

With all of the scenes animated, lit, and rendered, we then began the highly collaborative stage of compositing the footage into a cohesive whole. Colour grading the footage ensured visual consistency and seamless transitions between scenes. The ambient and fittingly cinematic soundtrack tied the animation together; bringing the Eternus to life.

We recently had the privilege of working with Affari on two projects – the creation of exciting flash animations. In both projects, we could always count on the expertise and creativity of the whole team. Project co-ordination and communication was done in an uncomplicated but highly professional manner. All our requests, some of them needed to go an extra mile, were discussed, evaluated and realised in short time, but with the highest quality.

Elisabeth BabelotzkySenior Product Marketing Manager Technology Solutions at Fujitsu

Collaborating on the projects was a lot of fun and produced a real sense of enthusiasm and fun from both sides. The result is a real masterpiece. But most importantly, to us is the fact that both animations are receiving superior feedback from Fujitsu internal as well as external audiences. The videos represent a modern style and way of advertising our value proposition of ETERNUS storage solutions. Working with the Affari team is a signature of success. Their extreme passion and creativity is infectious and we certainly will recommend them for any further projects.

René HuebelSenior Product Marketing Manager Storage Solutions at Fujitsu

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