Valtech UK
  • Styleframes
  • Storyboarding
  • Script & Voice Over
  • Production
  • Post-production 
  • Live Action Video

Valtech, a compelling in-house concept.

We worked closely with Valtech to create this compelling in-house concept – something which visualised complex ideas and made the subject matter easily digestible. Set in an 3D environment that interacts with a series of unique shapes, silhouettes and figures; the end result is abstract in nature, but effectively drives the core narrative of Smith & Nephew home with minimal text call-outs.

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Process: Concept development (styleframes), storyboarding, script and voice over.

At first, we collectively came together to produce a strong visual concept for Valtech UK. After our initial ideas were conceived, we created a series of high quality styleframes to visualise the final outcome. After the styleframes were approved, a hand drawn digital storyboard was created to dictate the narrative of the animation.


Process: Live capture, motion design and rendering.

Shortly after storyboard approval, the team used the high-quality styleframes to direct and capture the shoot over the course of a day. We captured the main content along with beautiful cut away shots, allowing breathing space between information and keeping interest throughout, to create a full 6 minute piece to camera.


Process: Editing (video & audio), compositing, colour grading.

Raw cuts were produced to give the client all possible routes. From there, the footage was edited to show the questions & answers chosen by Valtech UK. We then took the final composition and created custom audio to align accordingly. Additional graphics and animation is then overlaid in the post-production phase to keep the audience engaged. The final film was finished with a beautiful clean colour grade to help enhance sharpness and add vibrancy to the overall scenes.

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